How To: Wider, Brighter Eyes

How To: Wider, Brighter Eyes

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick beauty tip that I’ve recently been using this season.

I’ve been trying for years to come up with ways to make my eyes appear bigger. I naturally have small eyes, and I have been struggling to find a solution. Though I’ve been using this trick on and off, I’ve recently come back to it.

Instead of lining my lower lash line with black eyeliner as I had typically done, I now use a nude eye pencil in my lower waterline. Using a nude pencil in the waterline creates the effect of a larger eyeball. Additionally, by eliminating the use of eyeliner on the bottom lash line, it also gives the effect of a wider eye.

There are 2 nude pencils that I recommend if you want to try this trick:

NYX Wonder Pencil – Light or Medium 

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Pencil – Nude 

(Personally, I like the Rimmel London pencil a little better because it goes on more smoothly.)

Also, adding a champagne- or other light-colored eyeshadow (matte or shimmer) can add a brightening effect to the eyes. In this picture, I have the Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Platinum Blue in the inner corner of my eyes.


Thank you all for stopping by! Stay tuned for more posts.