The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hello everyone! Today’s post is just a quick #ootd. The weather in Georgia is particularly mild and beautiful, so I wore something bright and cheerful.

Perhaps one of my favorite and most flattering color is green, and it doesn’t happen too often that I wear this particular shade of green–chartreusse.



When wearing a chartreusse article of clothing, I always like to pair it with either gray or a dark shade of blue; black also works.

For my top, I grabbed this chartreusse knit sweater that I picked up from a thrift store.


And I’m sure you guys have seen these jeans several times. They are one of my favorites pairs from Forever 21.


And for an added pop of color and texture, I chose these blue velvet chunky heels purchased as a gift by one of my friends.

Here’s a quick fashion tip when mixing and matching bold colors:

Colorblocking has been pretty popular the last few years and basically consists of two or more solid colors worn together. Colorblocking looks best when it’s with complementary or analogous colors; that is, colors opposite to one or another or next to each other on the color wheel, respectively.

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit. And as always, stay tuned for future posts!