The Nurse Link Presents: The Atlanta Nurse Expo 2017

The Nurse Link Presents: The Atlanta Nurse Expo 2017

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to take the time to share with you all my experience as a brand ambassador for an organization called The Nurse Link.

So, what is The Nurse Link?

The Nurse Link is a relatively new organization that aims in facilitating relationships between current nurses, nursing students, and pre-nursing students around the globe. TNL emphasizes the uses of social networking, interactive events, and mixers in order to promote the field of nursing. Apart from the social aspect of TNL, their aim is also to be a valuable resource for mentorship, scholastic, and entrepreneurial advancement to current and prospective healthcare professionals. By linking nursing professionals and creating an atmosphere conductive to positivity in both the personal and professional aspects of nursing, the field of nursing itself will continue to grow boundlessly.

Throughout the months of December and January, I began partnering with TNL in order to bring about awareness for their upcoming event–the Atlanta Nurse Expo.


The Atlanta Nurse Expo was held on Saturday, January 28 at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.


There was tons happening at this wonderful event! Current and prospective nurses from across the country were in attendance.


Attendees had the opportunity for Q&A sessions with top professionals and guest speakers, like Katie Duke, ACNP (@thekatieduke); “Nurse Mo” (@iamnursemo); Brian Park, RN, Founder and President of Nabee Socks, and also professionals involved in organizational nursing, like Marcus Downs, CEO of the Georgia Association of Nurses (GNA) and Karen Davis, President of the Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS).


Katie Duke, ACNP (@iamkatieduke)


Monique “Nurse Mo” Doughty, RN (@iamnursemo, @theresilientnurse)


Georgia Nurses Association (GNA) booth

Attendees were also greeted by school and employment recruiters, such as Mercer University, Lighthouse Nursing Agency (pictured below), and Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA.


For the nursing students specifically, Kaplan Test Prep and Hurst Review Services were able to provide valuable information for those preparing for the (dreaded) NCLEX-RN!


A representative from Kaplan Test Prep

Perhaps one of my favorite portions of the event involved visiting the booths that pertained to the multi-faceted scopes of practice involved in nursing and healthcare.


Kelsey Rowell, RN (left) and her partner Nicki (right) tackle their passions for nursing and health and wellness with their company entitled The Wellness Chicks. 


Insta-famous nursing student Clara Moon (@clarascleaneats) also integrates her call to nurse with a emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle in the process.


Janiece Sanderson, RN and certified yoga instructor began Yoga for Nurses as a practice designed specifically for nurses. These sessions implement elements of self-directed care through asanas/poses for stress release and body mechanics, breath work to settle the mind, and relaxation practices.

In addition to the above mentioned, there were several other wonderful displays and vendors tailored to the field of nursing. TNL‘s kickstarter event was a definite success! This event alone has opened several opportunities for me, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

I would like to graciously thank TNL for allowing me to be a brand ambassador for this event, and for all of those who came out to show your support to see only a fraction of what nursing has to offer. It is truly the best field out there!

For more information on TNL, visit and follow their Instagram page @thenurselink.

Thank you all for stopping by, and stay tuned for future posts!