10 Ways to Engage in Self-Care

10 Ways to Engage in Self-Care

With life moving so quickly, and with so much to do, it can be difficult to take time out for yourself. But, here are 10 tips I’ve found that don’t require much time or energy that ensure that you are engaging in some self-care amidst living a hectic lifestyle.


Be selfish. Do one thing today because it makes you happy. Oftentimes, we get hung up on satisfying others, and though doing so can evoke happiness, you can’t neglect yourself and your feelings. Having a busy schedule can take away focus from self, especially if you work in an area that’s customer-service oriented and your primary focus is of satisfying the needs of others every day. Giving too much of yourself away can be emotionally tiring, so it’s imperative that you take time out and focus on you. Give yourself permission to say: “not right now”, “not today”, “no”. You don’t have to do everything for everyone.

Edit your social media feeds and take out any negative people. You can just “mute” them, you don’t have to delete them. As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” It truly works. You are the people you surround yourself by, whether in-person or on social media. Tailor your platforms to interact only with those that bring positivity, support, and growth in your life. This is for your own emotional and mental benefit. Your disposition on life will get much brighter, I promise.

Make one small change to your diet for the week. This is also a great suggestion if you’re looking towards creating a healthier lifestyle. Cut out carbonated drinks, candy, white grains, etc. Taking care of your body is vital…literally!

Give your body a treat. Confidence goes a very long way. Wear something that compliments your shape or feels great against your skin. Part of feeling good is looking good. Similarly, maintain a healthy body. Take care of your skin and hair. Drink plenty of water. Stay active. Your body will thank you later.

Help someone. One of my greatest satisfactions every night when I leave work is knowing that something I had done during the shift helped either my patient, their family, or a co-worker. Any deed–big or small–can uplift someone’s day. Always have a giving heart.

Get positive feedback. I’m sure we all want to be better in whatever it is that we do. I always tell myself that even when I know I’m good at something, there’s always someone better. Allow yourself to receive constructive criticism from the experts. Learn more about those things that you’re passionate about doing, and work to become better at them.

Have a self-date. Having to have a friend go out with you everywhere your travel can be so overrated. Going out by yourself doesn’t make you a lonely person. Sometimes you truly need moments of solitude to collect your thoughts and take care of things on your own without having to entertain your friends.

Splurge a little. Whatever your vice, know that it’s okay to (occasionally) go a little overboard. Treat yo’self!

Make a small connection. Whether it’s a conversation with your cashier or someone you’re standing next to on the sidewalk, take the time to initiate a “Hello!” You never know the interesting people you may meet. Everyone has a story to tell.

Be still. Perhaps it’s the daydreamer in me, but sometimes I just sit outside and marvel at all of people, places, and things surrounding me. Wherever you are, when you get a few moments, look around you. Life is truly beautiful, and such a blessing to be living.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Stay tuned for more!