Flannel and Fur

Flannel and Fur

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you know how rough of a week I’ve been having at work. Today was only a slight exception, considering the fact that I only had a mandatory class to attend. It honestly seems like nurses never sleep! Nevertheless, I thought this day an opportunity to dress up in something other than scrubs for a change. Keep reading ahead to find out how I rocked 2 of fall’s closet staples: flannel and fur.

If you want a stylish, yet comfortable combination, consider pairing a flannel shirt with a fur vest. I opted for an oversized (duh!) red, blue, and green flannel shirt (XL in Men’s from Belk) and a longline taupe fur vest (from Banana Republic) .


For my bottoms, I grabbed my solid black leggings. The best pair of leggings that I own are made of nylon and not cotton. I find that cotton easily fades after many washes and attracts lint. These nylon leggings don’t, and are just as black as the day I first bought them, and I’ve had them for years!


I didn’t opt for any fancy footwork, just a good ol’ pair of leather combat boots (from Rack Room Shoes).

If you guys saw on Instagram, I am now a caramel-colored girl…well…not permanently. I purchased some new hair and I’m honestly still trying to get used to the color. Today, I thought I’d wear it off of my neck and tie it up using a couple of braids. I simply parted my hair in 2, braided one side, then the other. I then pinned the ends of each braid to the opposite side of my head to make a messy milkmaid hairstyle.



As an added accessory, I kept these rose gold sunnies from New York and Company by my side.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more!