How To: Effortless Festival Fashion

How To: Effortless Festival Fashion

This weekend, I attended the annual Arts in the Heart Festival in my hometown of Augusta, GA. Late summer festivals are always fun to attend…and to dress up for! Today, I’m going to give you my take on festival fashion and show you how easy it can truly be.


Even though I like to be cute, I love to be comfortable. During festival season, there’s a lot of walking around, sitting down, walking around some more, dancing, and many other things that require lots of movement. My suggestion would be to wear pieces of clothing that don’t restrict you or that give you freedom to freely move about without feeling uncomfortable. I like to wear loose-fitting, flowy pieces for this occasion.


For Arts in the Heart, I chose to wear this burgundy strappy surplice romper from Charlotte Russe. It’s cut low in the front and in the back, which makes it not only breathable for the warmer weather, but also fashionable.

Similar romper (from Lulu’s)


Shoes are extremely important. The worst feeling is walking around with sore feet when you’re trying to have an enjoyable time. Always always always wear comfortable shoes. I opted for these black leather booties from Body Central (back when it was open) for a rocker chic-ish kind of look. As an added plus, they keep my feet protected from being stepped on or from food or drinks getting spilled on them. However, I know that everyone doesn’t want to wear closed-toed shoes, especially when it’s still summer. Sandals are also a great option; just be certain that they’re wearable for an all-day event. I would only suggest not wearing shoes with a high heel, as they could be very difficult to walk long distances in.


Similar shoes (from Tilly’s)


Accessories can accentuate any festival wear. For me, I love a huge statement pieces especially. Don’t be afraid to go overboard. I paired this statement necklace from Charming Charlie with multiple sets of rings that I picked up while thrifting (they’re actually toe rings because I like to place them on various places on my hand, and you can easily adjust the size). You can be as colorful or as monochrome as you’d like, but sometimes, mixing simple colors can make the biggest impact. If you don’t own any statement pieces, don’t worry, less-expensive chokers are trending this season and are very affordable.

Similar necklace (from Rue 21)

Similar rings (from Charming Charlie)

And for the next couple of weeks, my nails will be painted this beautiful, glittery color called ‘Gold-Hearted’ by LeChat.


If you want more festival-inspired looks that I’ve curated, head on over to my Pinterest page and look at my “Festival Fashion” board for ideas.

One of my favorite parts of Arts in the Heart is their handcrafted jewelry. Here’s a quick slideshow of a few photos that I snapped at some of the booths.