How To: Dress for an Interview

How To: Dress for an Interview

I have had several interviews as of late. It’s pretty customary nowadays for a nursing student to have obtained a registered nurse position before graduating, which can be very relieving for the student for sure. I have already been extended one offer (YAY!) and am waiting to here back from my interviews this week. Cross your fingers for me!

So while I’m on the subject of professionalism and such, I thought I’d make today’s post about business professional wear for the young adult. Those around my age are now exiting college, or are anticipating doing so in the next few years. It’s important to know how to dress appropriately for an interview and for the job that you want, and hopefully will obtain. Many young women, for example, believe that “dressing to impress” means wearing a low-cut blouse, a short fitted skirt, and 5-inch heels. No! Your prospective profession will not take you seriously.

These few tips will get you men and women dressing professionally (and stylishly) in no time!

For men:

For a first meeting, business presentation, and job interview:

-Full suit with matching jacket and pants
-Pressed, collared shirt with plain (solid, striped, or simple pattern) tie
-Dark leather shoes and dark dress socks
-No cologne, visible tattoos, or piercings
-Light briefcase or portfolio case

For women:

For a first meeting, business presentation, and job interview:

-Black skirt or pant suit, other neutral colors (dark gray, navy, brown)
-Skirt suits recommended; skirts should be a little below the knee and never shorter than -above the knee
-Pressed, collared button-down shirt
-Nude (or skin tone) or dark-colored pantyhose and close-toed shoes
-Dress shoes (pumps, flats, heels), –No platforms or > 2.5 inch heels (I’d say 3.5 is the ¬†cut-off)
-Makeup should be minimal and conservative
-No visible tattoos; pale-colored nail polish; no perfume or body sprays
-Long hair should be pulled away from face

For more information on business professional wear, business casual wear, and the meaning of colors in business for both men and women, please click here to check out a quick guide provided by Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.


I hope you all found this post helpful! Stay tuned for more!