How To: Prepare for a Long-Haul Flight

If you have ever been on a long flight (I’m talking 10+ hours), then you know how uncomfortable it can be if you are not fully prepared. Here are a few tips that I hope will be helpful in preparing you all for a safe, smooth flight to your destination:

For Sleep

Eye mask and ear plugs You could not possibly understand the importance of quality sleep until you have been on a plane for 20+ hours sitting in the same seat next to compete strangers. If you’re looking to get a few hours of shut eye, reach for your eye mask and ear plugs. They are super cheap to purchase and can fit right into your carry on or personal item bag. Airplane rides can be very distracting, so these are key to a good night’s rest.

For Your Electronics

Battery pack I mentioned this in my How To: Pack Like a Pro post, but a battery pack is ESSENTIAL! I cannot express the importance of having a quality pack, especially if you use your phone for picture-taking purposes. Using social media abroad and snapping hundreds of Instagram-worthy photos can drain your battery rather quickly, and it is such a convenience to have a battery supply right at your finger tips. There is nothing worse than your phone dying in the middle of an eventful day, trust me.

Offline music-listening capabilities This is especially important when you are flying long distances. As most of your know, WiFi can be extremely weak on flights, and it is definitely not a reliable source of Internet connection, so why even worry about an Internet connection at all? If you are an Apple user like me, take advantage of a subscription to Apple Music. For under $5 USD/month (This is the discounted rate for students.), you are able to download unlimited songs and save them to your library for offline listening. It’s super simple and quick, so there is no excuse as to why your 10-hour flight has to be miserable.

For Your Health

Toiletries There is no way in the world that you will not need some time to freshen up when you are traveling halfway across the world. And with layovers? You can forget about a quality shower. Always bring the essential toiletry items: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash/face wipes, and lip balm. All of these items can easily be put into a small pouch and placed in your carry on. These should hold you over until you make it to your final destination.

Food If the food or drinks are not free, then I do not want them. That is really the way that I think when it comes to airplane food. Obviously, if you are on a longer flight, they are going to provide some sort of food to you, but otherwise, you may be on your own. Most flights that I have been on offer small snacks for free, but others, like Spirit Airlines, will nickel and dime you for the smallest of things–including foods and drinks. This is why I say that it is important to bring your own snacks. And when you decide what you want to bring, make sure that those foods will get your stomach through a long trips. Snacks such as trail mix, nuts, dark chocolate, fruit, and whole grain snacks contain enough complex carbs to keep you fuller for longer.

For Your Comfort

Travel pillow When traveling, comfort is key for me. I dress comfortably and try to travel as comfortably as possible; that includes limiting the amount of luggage that I carry and preparing myself for a good night sleep. I tend to be a window seat type of girl. Besides the fact that I love taking those coveted on-the-wing photos, it is always nice to have something to lean up against. But just in case you strike out on your luck and end up with a middle seat, or even if you want some extra comfort by the window, I highly suggest purchasing a J-pillow. It is seriously one of the best purchases that I have made. You…and your neck….will not regret it!