How To: Prepare Your Home for Travel

How To: Prepare Your Home for Travel

Zooming away on an airplane can be one of the most relaxing feelings, especially when you’re in need of a much-deserved vacation; however, preparing for a trip can sometimes leave you with some anxiety. Tons of prep work goes into getting ready for departure, from planning where to go to saving up for your adventure to writing out your itinerary, not to mention figuring out how long you’ll be away from work, what bills need to get paid before you leave, and who’s going to care for your kids and/or pets! Whew! That’s a lot, right? It certainly can be, but if you have a list that organizes what you need to knock out before you leave, it can make the planning process much easier and faster. Today, I want to share with you guys some quick tips for getting your home ready for travel. Follow these, and you’ll have less mess, less stress, and a lot more ‘you time’ at your final destination.

Pets or Kids?

Make sure that you have a solid plan for all of your precious creatures. Are you boarding your plan with your dog? Is someone coming over to watch your cat? Are the kids being watched by a babysitter or will they be visiting the grandparents? Figure out your plan, and then make sure that they have everything that they need for the duration of your stay, which including food, medicine, toys, and treats for the pets. Also, make certain that you write down any pertinent information about your pets and/or children. Create a schedule listing all upcoming doctor’s appointments/vet visits, as well as a couple of emergency contacts. This will ensure that your time away is smooth for you and your other loved ones.

Mail and Plants

If you’re the green-thumb type, make sure that you write out a plant guide if you have a lot of plants that need attention. For example, I know some plants, like fiddle leaf figs, that are extremely peculiar with how and when they are watered. My friend Alex has one that starts to die if she doesn’t water it half a cup exactly twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays. If someone is not staying at your home, make sure that you find a neighbor to do it for you. Maybe you could pay a middle schooler or high schooler to do it for a couple of bucks. It would be a win-win!

If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, putting your mail on hold would probably be the best idea. USPS makes it super easy to hold mail, and it can be done online very quickly. If you friend or neighbor doesn’t mind collecting your mail while you’re gone, that’s always an option too.

Keep Your Home Safe

Other than creating a plan for your pets and children, keeping your home safe is also of top priority. Knowing that your home is protected while you’re away can bring a definite piece of mind. All that’s required is a security plan. Make sure that your doors and windows are locked.  If you are able, purchase an automatic light timer and a security system, and check your fire and CO2 detectors every six months to assure their functionality. Another way to increase your security that you might not have thought of is window tinting. Window tinting offers many benefits like increased privacy, lower utility bills, a more controlled climate, and of course, increased safety and security. Adding window films make windows harder to break, and if the window does break, it helps hold glass fragments together.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, there’s  a company called UHS Window Tinting and Blinds that provides this service. Owned by Matt Erbrick and Robin Staveley, UHS Window Tinting and Blinds has over thirty years of window tinting experience in the Atlanta area. They serve residential and commercial buildings and work on projects big and small in order to help issues like excessive heat and cold, fading, high energy cost, and safety. They make sure that their professional team installs the films correctly the first time, and they always use the best quality of materials and even add a scratch-resistant coating on top of the film to protect it from abrasion.

While these are just a few ideas, there are many other ways in which you can keep your home safe. As long as you have a safety plan in place specific to your home and personal preference, then you’re good to go!

Clean Out Your Fridge

The worst thing is coming home to a fridge that smells like spoiled milk. I always clean out my fridge before I leave, making sure that there is nothing old that will attract bugs, or smell up my house. Throw away all perishables, or at least those things that will likely spoil while you’re away.

I would like to give a special thanks to Alex Titelman (@lexrose5) for giving me the opportunity to share these tips with  you all! Stay tuned for more travel posts to come!