Kendall’s List of Must-Have Travel Apps

I conducted another poll on my Instagram (obviously, I love InstaPolling), and asked what travel topic you guys wanted me to choose from…and here we are! Check out my list of must-have travel apps–whether you’re a domestic traveling, international traveler, or both. Mind you, I have tons of travel apps that I utilize, but this list is a great starter list for those who need to stay organized from the beginning of your trip up until you leave.

“It’s Time to Plan.”

For when you’re preparing to go!

Skyscanner (Free) [iOS/Android]

Skyscanner is one of the most popular flight-booking apps on the market. I’ve found that this app (and Google Flights) have become my go-to for the best options and prices. In addition to allowing you to email your flight searches (a feature that isn’t possible on the Web version), it is also possible to pin your searches to your start screen if you want to keep an eye on your flight price fluctuations.

Kayak (Free) [iOS/Android]

Kayak is one of the best services that I have found for booking multi-city flights. It can also be used to find hotel deals, book rental cars, plan your itinerary and track your flight details. It is one of the easiest and most functional multi-booking platform I’ve used, even just down to the simplicity of the search pages.

Hopper (Free) [iOS/Android]

In my opinion,  this app is best if you’re flexible with your travel dates. Hopper can help you predict when the flights you want are going to be the cheapest.  However, if you are set on your dates, Hopper can send you a notification to alert you of price increases or drops and advise you on when is the best time to book.

Airbnb (Free) [iOS/Android]

If you’re not privy to (or don’t want to pay a ton of money for) fancy hotels or those gorgeous (and high-priced) water bungalows, then Airbnb is the app for you! The Airbnb app is the pocket-version of its website. So, whether you’re looking for a place to stay for one week or a few months, Airbnb will have somewhere. Often providing alternatives to hotels and outside the usual tourist areas, Airbnb can really save you money.

Packing Pro ($2.99) [iOS]

Organization is key to successfully planning any trip.

Packing for a trip, whether it’s a week or a weekend, can be a real chore.  Packing Pro aims at helping you pack what you need, and only what you need, for your trip. When you enter your travel dates and destination, it gives you streamlined lists of what you should pack. The lists are split into essentials, clothes, gadgets and more, so you really can’t forget anything with this on your phone. If you’re travelling with your children or family, it has an option to generate lists for them too.

“I’m Here!”

For when you arrive!

XE Currency (Free) [iOS/Android]

Typically, when I travel abroad, most of my money is in the form of cash; this is just personal preference. When I take cash, I find that I’m more easily able to track my spending, as opposed to carrying only debit/credit cards and constantly swiping. There are lots of paid currency converting apps but I find XE Currency to be more than adequate to enough to give me the info that I need, including current exchange rates and monetary conversions. It’s also a great way to work out how much money you need to change over before you travel as well.

Uber/Lyft/Hailo (Free) [iOS/Android]

Depending on where you’re travelling, one of these transport apps will probably come in handy. While Uber is available internationally, Lyft is still only available in the United States for now. It has an option for ride-sharing with people headed in the same direction, so it’s the best transportation app out of the two if you’re travelling from city to city in the States.

(Hailo is another transportation app, but it’s still operating successfully in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, all over Ireland, Barcelona, Madrid, Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka.)

Google Translate (Free) [iOS/Android]

Conversation mode in Google Translate is a life saver! Conversation mode translates between languages as people speak so if you can handle the lag while it translates, it’s a really useful feature to take advantage of.

“Let’s Explore!”

For when you’re ready to paint the town!

TripAdvisor (Free) [iOS/Android]

Aside from it’s thousands upon thousand of helpful customer reviews, TripAdvisor has a nifty feature that offers offline city guides that include all of the reviews and tips listed on the Web version. Using the guides, you can navigate a self-guided tour and pick out places to eat and drink along the way, even if you have no data connection.

Foodspotting (Free) [iOS/Android]

This app gives more info than your usual restaurant reviews service. It focuses on specific dishes, which is really useful for people with food-related allergies or even if you’re just a picky eater. The information provided is all locally-sourced so you can be sure that it’s reliable. It’s available for both domestic and international locations.

Localeur (Free) [iOS]

This app is good if you don’t want to stick to the usual tourist spots on your trip. Localeur gets its data from locals so everything you see featured has been suggested by someone who knows the area and has really been there before. It’s only available in the US at the moment and lets you search for niche requirements, like a bar with a photo booth or where you can grab gluten-free pizza at 4 AM.

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