How To: Wear OTK/Thigh High Boots + Tips

Thigh high boots are one of my go-to shoe styles for the winter. Here are some tips on how to rock them this season:

Over skinny jeans This is a classic combo! Both causal and cute, this pairing is a quick go-to of mine for the winter. A flat/low heel thigh high with this look often equates ease of function and low maintenance.


With a fitted mini skirt Pair a leather mini skirt and suede thigh high boots for an ultra-sleek street style look. And if you’re feeling edgy, add a pair of textured tights underneath and opt for a pointed toe boot.


Paired with a sweater dress Both cute and comfy, a sweater dress and a pair of thigh highs is always a favorite and easy to throw together. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a heeled thigh thigh.


If you’re like me and have skinny legs (about a 15-16 inch lower thigh circumference) but big feet (I wear a size 10), then here are a couple of places that I have found boots to fit the circumference of my thighs:



Public Desire

Also, here are a couple of tips I recommend when searching for boots when you have a narrow calf/thigh:

Drawstrings help. Sometimes, they may not be the most attractive feature on a boot, but they do help to tighten the boots and keep them from sliding down

Pay attention to the material. If the material that the boot is made out of isn’t stretchy or elastic, be aware than it may not fit properly. Boots that aren’t made of such material are prone to sliding down or give way to too much space in your boot (which can look really awkward).

When in doubt, try it on. This means avoid online shopping unless you want to deal with the hassle of returns. Physically go to the shoe store and try on your boots. Obviously, this is the best indicator of how well they will fit.

Thank you all for stopping by, and stay tuned for more posts!