ERKA Sensitive Stethoscope Review

Hello everyone! I’m coming to you all today with a review of an amazing piece of equipment that was sent to me by my friends over at Medelita.

If you are new to my blog, you may not know that I have been a brand ambassador for Medelita for a few months now and have truly enjoyed working with their team. A few weeks ago, I was sent one of their all-new ERKA stethoscopes to try out, and let me tell you guys, it is worth the purchase! Made in Germany, these stethoscopes are truly high quality and perfect for medical professionals. Below, I will leave you all with the specs, as well as my personal review of how I believe it fares during my day-to-day activities in the hospital. provides three stethoscopes for purchase, but I received the ERKA Sensitive Stethoscope, the most highly sensitive of the three. Here are the specs of the stethescope:

  • Spring integrated in tubing provides amplification without sound loss
  • Parallel, integral channels in the tubing prevent disturbing grinding sounds
  • Soft ear tips for a perfect fit, blocking exterior noise
  • The chest-piece of an ERKA stethoscope is made from hand polished and pore free chromed brass. Compared to aluminum or stainless steel, this surface is more resistant to germs and bacteria.
  • Ergonomically shaped chest-piece enables auscultation even in hard-to reach areas or for different constituted patients.
  • Ideal for anesthesiologists, cardiologists, emergency physicians, paramedics, family physicians, internists, physician assistants, medical students, nurse, aenesthetists/caregivers, and specialists in respiratory diseases.

Chestpiece diameter: 52 mm
Diaphragm diameter: 44 mm
Chestpiece height: 25 mm
Total length: 71.5 cm
Tube length: 55.5 cm
Weight: 217 g
Warranty: 2 years
Comes with a zip-up travel case and spare set of ear tips

If you are more familiar with the Littmann brand, the ERKA Sensitive Stethoscope ($168 USD) is comparable to the Littmann Master Cardiology ($300 USD).


I have begun to use this stethoscope on a daily basis in my practice. It performs beautifully and is lightweight, as not to bear a significant amount of weight in my pockets or around my neck. It allows for easy auscultation of heart, lung, and bowel sounds, even in the most difficult patients. It also comes in several colors to choose from.

ERKA stethoscopes are sold exclusively at I encourage all medical professionals to purchase yours today. You won’t be disappointed!

Click here to visit their website and to check our their collection.