All About Eyelash Extensions: FAQs & Review

I have become a recent convert to lash extensions! I will never go back to buying another pair of falsies again, and I’ll let you guys know why I’ve recently upgraded to this decision.

This post will be a FAQ-type post, giving you ladies everything you need to know about lash extensions, as well as my personal experience while wearing them.


Q: So…what are lash extensions?

A: Lash extensions are individual strands of synthetic fibers made to replicate a natural eyelash. When applied, eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes. The single strands are applied to each individual eyelash, one by one. With proper application, lash extensions look and feel completely natural.


Q: How long do lash extensions last?

A: When applied by a professional, eyelash extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes. Depending on your activity and day-to-day routine, refills should only be required every 2 to 4 weeks.


Q: Can mascara be applied to the lash extensions?

A: Lash extensions are designed to give your natural lashes an improved look of fullness so mascara is not needed. However, water-based mascaras can be applied to the lashes, especially when nearing the time for a re-fill when the lashes are not as full as when first applied.


Q: Can I swim, exercise, or go to the spa with lash extensions?

A: Yes, it is! Just a quick mist of water sets the adhesive. After the adhesive has set, feel free to swim, exercise, or go to the spa freely


Q: How do I take care of my lash extensions?


  • Do not manually curl.
  • Brush with a clean mascara wand daily.
  • Minimize rubbing of eyes or constant manipulation of lashes.
  • Remove eye makeup using cleanLASH by NovaLash, a 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser, and conditioner for your lash extensions. These cotton pads have been saturated with pomegranate seed extract to detangle and promote healthy lashes. The NovaLash Platinum bond adhesive is oil-proof,so feel free to remove makeup and dirt around your eye area and lash extensions freely.


Q: How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions?

A: The application process for lash extensions normally takes about 90-120 minutes for a full set of lashes and 45-60 minutes for a refill. You will lay comfortably on a massage table with your eyes closed. During application, your lower lashes will be covered and the extensions will be applied only to your upper lashes one at a time.


Q: How do I choose the look I want?

A: Your technician will consult with you to understand what type of style you are interested in and what look will work best with your natural lashes. The overall look of the lashes can range from very natural to very voluminous!


Q: Is there anything I should do to get ready for my first appointment? Refill?

A: For your first full set, you should arrive with your natural lashes–with no mascara and preferably no eyeliner or eye makeup. The same applied for your refill sessions.


Q: What if I choose to have my eyelash extensions removed?

A:  It is not recommended that clients remove their extensions themselves. NovaLash specialists have adhesive remover that is guaranteed to break down the Platinum bond adhesive safely without any possible harm to the natural lashes.


My personal experience with eyelash extensions has been phenomenal. I receive NovaLash eyelash extensions–an award-winning brand that specializes in lash extensions. Those who apply NovaLash lash extensions are certified in the profession.

I chose to start getting lash extensions simply because dealing with falsies can be such a hassle. I felt like every time I’d want to get in the water, I’d have to worry about them coming off. Or if I wanted to go for a more natural look, my eyes would look too bare without them or too much with the type of falsies that I’d prefer. Lash extensions were a perfect solution to me.

There are a couple of NovaLash specialists in the Augusta area, including Studio 285 and Modish Spa and Salon. I go to Modish Spa and Salon. The specialist there is named Patty, and she does amazing work!

Cost is usually a deterrent when getting lash extensions. I paid $300 for my first full set, and $70 every 3 weeks to get them refilled. But to me, the investment is totally worth it.


If any of you ladies has thought about getting eyelash extensions, I hope that I have convinced you to! They are truly such a wonderful investment if you’re wanting to enhance your look, so give them a try!


  1. May 31, 2017 / 11:08 pm

    Hi Kendall,
    We are so pleased to read about your experience with NovaLash. We are even more eager to inform you that your lash extensions from a NovaLash Certified Stylist are Oil-proof and Instantly Waterproof. You Do Not have to wait 48 hours to get them wet. You do not have to wait at all. Our adhesives cure with a mist of water. So showering, going to the sauna and swimming right off the lash bed are all appropriate activities. Please contact me for more information about NovaLash from my corporate email We would love to repost your blog on our social media with the right features of our extensions. Hope to hear from you soon Kendall. Thank you!

    • May 31, 2017 / 11:12 pm

      That is so great! Thank you for sharing that with me. And I would love to be featured on your social media! I’ll contact you as soon as possible. Thank you so much! ☺️

  2. Tara Jines
    June 2, 2017 / 3:41 am

    I LOVE my NOVALASH Career!